James Ephram and Leona Kemmish's Family Pictures

Picture of Jame Ephriam Kemmish Family

Roy, Jesse, Lottie, Bill, Fred

Leona, Harry, James Ephriam

James and Leona Kemmish

Picture of James and Leona Kemmish

Taken about 1910?

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Another Picture of James and Leona Kemmish

Cora Kemmish - James and Leona's Daughter

Picture of Cora Kemmish

Daughter of James and Leona

Born 12/13/1879 - Died 01/29/1899 - Married Richard Chapman - Died from Childbirth - 1st cousin of Fortha(Kemmish)Graham - They were the same age

Another Cora Kemmish Picture?

Leona Kemmish Grandchildren 2 pictures

Loretta(Roy), Pearl(Fred), Leona, Lloyd(Bill), Herma(Bill)

Rhea(Fred), Jim(Harry), Bud(Fred)

Corelis(Harry), Lavone(Roy) Lorna Jean(Bill)

Bud(Fred's) Leona Jim(Harry's)

House of James Ephriam Kemmish

Picture of Jame Ephriam Kemmish's House

People in picture are:

Harry, baby lloyd, Lottie, Bill, Fred, Janie

Picture taken in about 1909 in Persia, Iowa

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